Kala Koda Festival

Kala Koda Art Festival Offers Photography and Inspiration for All Considered Asia’s largest multicultural festival across verticals, the much-anticipated annual Kala Koda Art Festival begins on February 4 and runs until February 12.

There are many interesting things in this festival, which are:

  1. Dance,
  2. Traditional food,
  3. Workshops and activities for children,
  4. Musical performances,
  5. Visual arts,
  6. Traditional styles,
  7. Amazing shops,
  8. Design and Architecture,
  9. There will be lots of fun things, like standup comedy.

It is no mistake to say that this festival is one of the most anticipated annual festivals and spectacular events in Mumbai. A beautiful cultural mix of music, theatre, films, comedy, and world art makes the Kala Koda Art Festival a unique event that takes place in the Kala Koda Art District for about nine days. The Kala Koda Festival, which started on that day in 1999, has become one of India’s most successful arts and entertainment events. Perhaps the variety of joy that a person sees and experiences here makes this event more fun and appreciable.


Kala Koda Sangam conducts this festival annually, in which 10–12 categories attract people. Undoubtedly, it is a very vibrant mix of culture and traditions, so it is worth a visit for every art lover. Kala Koda Art Festival is one of the most famous festivals in Maharashtra. The name of the festival is given by the black equestrian statue of Edward 7. This festival, which started in 1999, has been thronged by people ever since.

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