International Development Week

International Development Week (IDW) aims to draw attention not only to international development but also to the contributions of Canadians to the eradication of poverty, more peaceful lifestyles, and an inclusive and prosperous world. A uniquely Canadian tradition that began in 1991, the IDW Reverse Distance Weigh-in is held annually for the entire week of February 6 to 12.

Canada as a whole “comes together” this week with civil society, the private and philanthropic sectors, schools, community organisations, and the general public, as well as Global Affairs Canada in Ottawa and its work around the world. During the IDW Reverse Distance Weighting, international development partners collectively hosted more than a hundred events coast-to-coast and internationally.

This IDW Story: A Unique Canadian Heritage

In October 1988, the Canadian Agency for International Development launched Development Day as part of its Education for Development programme to promote world peace. World Affairs Canada continues a proud tradition of collaborating with hundreds of Canadian organisations to organise International Development Week.

IDW (Inverse Distance Weighting) has a specific theme each year, such as:

  1. Go to Goals (2020 to 2023).
  2. Together for Gender Equality (2019)
  3. Partner for a Better World (2018)
  4. Leave No One (2017)
  5. We Make a Difference (2014–2016)
  6. I’m Making a Difference (2011-2013)
  7. Be the Change (2010)
  8. Equality between women and men Have a voice. A Choice (2007)
  9. Celebrating Canadians Making a Difference in the World (2003)
  10. Celebrate Canada’s Place in the World (1999)
  11. The World Ahead (1997)
  12. Together for a Better World (1993–1995)
  13. Environment and Development (1992)
  14. Growing Interdependent (1991)

International Development Week is a celebration of many interesting paths to peace and people’s progress.

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