National Productivity Day

National Productivity Day is observed annually in India on February 12 of February every year.  Formation of the National Productivity Council Every February 12 is celebrated as Productivity Day across the country.

Productivity is considered when you use your time, skills, intelligence, energy, resources, and planning opportunities to help you achieve your goals. N The National Productivity Council (NPC) organises this special day. The main objective of the NPC is to stimulate and promote productivity and quality awareness in all sectors of the country.


From February 12 to 18, the National Productivity Council is celebrated throughout the country under the theme of “self-interest”.


However, if the product of the productivity appeared before the council, The NPC is an autonomous organisation established in 1958 under the Ministry of Business and Industry. National Productivity Day celebrates the formation of the National Productivity Council. The NPC is a national dollar company dedicated to promoting India’s production culture.

The importance of this field is:

The main purpose of celebrating national productivity tomorrow is to raise awareness of productivity, performance, and innovation. Increased productivity awareness is a compulsory feature of production with optimal resource use.

National Production Council Instructions:

1) Provide highly advisory services to increase productivity.

2) Processing and promotion of productivity

3) Strengthen the regional, local, and department-wise productivity systems.

4) Information technology-based services and e-governance development

5) Research manufacturing areas and maintain the productivity database.

6) Prepare and implement plans for the public and private sectors.


There are a number of solidaries, which is not only to improve this, but this national productivity group is committed to the head of this national productivity and its explanations every year, and the national productivity of the national productivity is celebrated every year.

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