World Day of Social Justice

The World Day of Social Justice, is a day observed every year on the 20th day of February. The day is recognised today to promote efforts to eradicate poverty and tackle the problems of unemployment. Also on this day, many organisations, including the United Nations and the International Labour Office, are set to prepare reports on the importance of social justice for people.

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The concept of social justice refers to the equitable relationship between the individual and society. Differences are usually attributed to economic distribution, individual opportunity, and social influence. And the concept of social justice in Western countries and ancient Asian countries fulfils the needs of individuals for their social activities and upholds impartial justice and fairness.

Many social systems around the world today are breaking down barriers to social mobility, creating social security, and eliminating economic inequalities.

Social justice ensures the rights and obligations of governmental or non-governmental organisations in a society and shares the benefits and burdens of society.

Resources and opportunities can be shared across institutions such as taxes, social insurance, public health, public education, public works, labour law, and market regulation.

Structures in India:

What is in place here are Ministries like the Ministry of Social Finance and Empowerment and the Ministry of Scheduled Tribes that are implementing social justice and welfare programmes for the marginalised people of society, including Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes, the Disabled, and the Elderly. There are many schemes in operation, such as reservation in employment and education opportunities on the basis of caste, language, religion, gender, residence, economic background, physical disability, and educational assistance.

Historical Pages:

The United Nations General Assembly has decided to celebrate the International Day of Justice and Social Justice on February 20 every year. It was approved on November 26, 2017, and has been planned by the world’s nations to adhere to since 2009.

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