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Hi, I’m Finexson, and I live in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. I have been feeling tired for a long time, and I was passing the days like that. One day I was so tired that I passed out, and they took me to the doctor. The doctor who examined me looked at my eyes and fingers and asked me to take a blood test. He suggested that you change your eating habits and eat more nutritious foods like fruits and meats. In addition, he told me to eat dried fruits like pomegranate fruit, beetroot, etc., which can cause blood to flow more, and I ate them too. But didn’t like pomegranate fruit as it was a bit astringent, so I explained it. Seeing this, my parents researched the websites to see if there was any other way to make pomegranate delicious, and then they saw this Tesoro Melagrana Honey Pomegranate. They ordered it on the spot. Then they asked me to eat it, and I did, and it was very delicious. It was sweet and delicious without the astringency of heavy meals. And then followed that for 3 months. Then I went to the doctor for a check-up, and the doctor again asked me to do a blood test. Again, when I checked, the doctor was very surprised that I was bleeding so much. Now I am living an average life, thanks to Urganic TUTS for this good Tesoro Melagrana (Honey Pomegranate Mix) product.


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